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Round Product Label Applicators

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Product Manual

The TAL-1100M/R Manual Round Product Labeler will label virtually any round product. With just the turn of a handle, labels up to 5” wide can be applied and 7” wide with our optional 7” wide kit. Products are quickly loaded into the applicator with the unique open carriage design. The top wipe down brush ensures that the labels are fully applied to the product. The open bottle support can be changed from one size to the next in seconds, without the use of tools.



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Product Manual

The TAL-2100ER is built off the tried and true design of the TAL-1100MR, but has the added advantage of an electric motor and a foot switch activation.  After the initial setup the unit is ready to apply labels.  A simple press of the foot switch, and the electronic photo eye will detect the gap in-between the labels and automatically stop the motor.





Product Manual

The TAL-3100R is the most versatile and capable of all three label applicators.  When the TAL-3100R is activated a pneumatic cylinder lowers the feed head and begins to rotate the bottle.  The label is applied with precision, leaving no air bubbles for a professional look.  Ink Jet coders as well as specially designed carriages for tapered bottles can be used on the TAL-3100R.



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