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Label Rewinders

DSC00699 (2).JPG


The TAL-100HD is a simple to use unwind stand.  The included brake will keep a steady tension on the roll of labels as they are unwound.



TAL-400R Photo.JPG


Our most popular rewinder is the TAL-400R.  This unit is designed to be a workhorse.  It is able to rewind labels as they are printed out of most thermal printers.  Simply plug the unit in, set the speed dial to match the speed of the printer and you are ready to rewind your labels into neat and organized rolls.





The TAL-610R is a larger version of the smaller TAL-400R.  This unit features a larger web capacity as well as a stronger and faster motor.  Use this unit for your most demanding rewinding applications.  There is also an optional dancer arm to automatically control the speed of the rewinder.



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